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  • Journal of Applied Cosmetology

    The JOURNAL OF APPLIED COSMETOLOGY is an international journal dedicated to publishing original papers, reviews and other material which represent a useful contribution to research on the skin and on cosmetics. It is aimed at cosmetic chemists, dermatologists, microbiologists, pharmacists, experimental biologists, toxicologists, plastic surgeons, and all other scientists working on products which will come into contact with the skin and its appendages. The Journal is published every 6 months in English. It is distributed to cosmetic chemists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical and pharmaceutical schools, medical libraries, selected hospitals and research institutions through the world, and by subscription to any other interested individuals or organizations. Statements and opinions expressed are personal to the respective contributors and are not necessarily endorsed by the Editor(s), Advisers, Publishers of Distributors of this Journal.

  • Journal of Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine.

    JARM, the official journal of the  Institute for Aesthetic and Morphological Research, covers all the fields of aesthetic and regenerative medicine.The journal addresses two main areas of interest: Aesthetic Medicine: the journal presents the best and updated injection techniques, aesthetic surgical interventions, anatomical features specifically investigated for aesthetic medicine, peculiar case reports, ethical issues and new perspectives in all the aesthetic medicine fields of interest.Regenerative Medicine: in a wider opening, the journal addresses the regenerative medicine area of interest, from the anti-aging medicine, to all the peculiar diagnostics and therapeutic interventions in every anatomical district. Moreover, techniques and protocols to improve health wellbeing are included.