Acne scars topical treatment: Endolift® direct optical energy using 1470-nm wavelength Eufoton® LASEmaR® 1500


  • I. B. Sitohang Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia Jakarta Indonesia
  • D. Kaliterna Poliklinika Poliderma Zagreb Croatia
  • M. Kamalska Heliodor Swiecicki Clinical Hospital of Poznan Poland
  • A. Abdelmaksoud Mansoura Dermatology
  • N. E. Tsoureli Attikon General Hospital National and Kapodistrian University Medical School Athens Greece


acne, scar alterations, cutaneous fibrosis, topical therapy, optical energy, needle radiofrequency, Endolift®, Eufoton® LASEmaR® 1500, scars, rolling scars, LIGHTSCAN™, fractional laser, non-ablative laser, laser treatment


The present work was designed to evaluate the efficiency of the procedure Endolift® studied to reduce skin depression and scars. Thirty patients with acne scars, mostly deep rolling, of both sex ranging from 19 to 32 year-of-age, were treated; 30% of them presented active acne. The Endolift® laser treatment is based on wavelength 1470-nm of the device Eufoton® LASEmaR® 1500 and LIGHTSCAN™ - a fractional, non-ablative laser treatment. Only one session of 300-mm diameter laser fibre inserted under the skin was performed; 70% of enrolled patients were without anaesthesia, and 30% were treated with air-cooling systems or block anaesthesia. Sixty-five% of the patients reported immediate smoothing of the scars with only one application; for the 35%, we used 2 to 3 treatments based on LIGHTSCAN™ to keep acne under control. Twenty patients with rolling scars needed only one session of treatment to reach optimal results; 10 patients with other types of acne scars reported moderate to medium improvement and needed a second treatment. Although day-by-day improvement was visible, the final result was obtained after 12 months. The treatment had permanent results, and there were no downtimes or side effects. Laser sub-incision is a game changer for acne scar treatments, especially deep rolling scars.


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Author Biography

D. Kaliterna, Poliklinika Poliderma Zagreb Croatia

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Zagreb (Almeria centar)

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Sitohang, I.B., Kaliterna, D., Kamalska, M., Abdelmaksoud, A. and Tsoureli, N.E. 2023. Acne scars topical treatment: Endolift® direct optical energy using 1470-nm wavelength Eufoton® LASEmaR® 1500. Journal of Applied Cosmetology. 41, 1 (Feb. 2023), 41/44. DOI: