Journal of Future Scientists: Announcements Journal Future Scientist en-US A new journal for science <p>Dear Students</p> <p>We would like to invite you to contribute a long research paper or a comprehensive review for consideration and publication in our journal <a href="">LINK</a>. Publishing a scientific paper will build the better future for you and open many doors in your scientific future. Because, many scientists in world could read your article, know your talent and may contact you for supporting and providing the better conditions and lab to continue your investigations.<br /> <br />Because it is one of our free online journals (Open Access journals), papers rapidly published in this journal will receive very high publicity. The Open Access publishing, supported by authors, is also much less costly for students who are readers and authors of journals, see <a href="">LINK </a>for details.<br /> <br />Please visit the website of <a href="">Instructions for Authors</a> before submitting a paper. You are invited to send your manuscripts through online system…. <br /><br />We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.<br /> <br />Yours sincerely,</p> <p>Dr Alireza Sepehri</p> Journal of Future Scientists 2023-07-25