Aims and Scopes

The Journal of International Dermatology and Cosmetology (JINDERCOS) publishes high-quality research to advance the understanding and management of skin disease to improve patient outcomes.


The journal publishes global research from around the globe.

INDERCOS focuses on:

  •    Clinical trials
  •    Case Reports
    •    Reviews
    •    Guidelines
    •    Translational Research
    •    Epidemiology
    •    Qualitative Outcomes Research

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes in skin disease worldwide and to be at the forefront of scientific research that changes lives.

This includes contemporary topics relating to both clinical and aesthetic dermatology. 

A network of world experts, an international editorial board, and rigorous peer review sets INDERCOS on a par with world-leading journals on this subject, receiving articles written by key opinion leaders as well as practising clinicians who are “in the trenches”, providing vital balance to the research-rich literature that is already available.


It facilitates continuing professional development and provides a forum for exchanging scientific research and innovative techniques.

The Journal of Applied Cosmetology strengthens the bridge between the best cosmetic science available in industry and dermatology to bring readers the most cutting-edge information.